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Book Launch - Ramshackle, A Yellowknife Story

Book Launch - Ramshackle, A Yellowknife Story


Date : November 11th, 2015

Time : 5pm til 7pm

Location : Down to Earth Gallery

About the book launch :

The Yellowknife Book Cellar in collaboration with Down to Earth Gallery invite you to join local

artist Alison McCreesh as she launches her debut full-length graphic novel titled Ramshackle,

a Yellowknife Story.


About the book :

Over the past decade, the North, or at least the idea of it, has slowly made its way back to our

consciousness, a notion that the North is synonymous with a lawless, rugged freedom. But at

first glance Yellowknife, NWT is actually a somewhat disappointing modern capital city. There

are tall buildings, yoga pants, a Walmart and a lot of government jobs. None the less, if you

dig a little deeper, you do find that alternative off-grid reality. Barely five minutes from the

downtown core, wedged between million dollar houses, you find little shacks where people

exist without running water and use honey buckets for toilets.


When Alison McCreesh moved from Quebec to Yellowknife she quickly fell in love with the

quirky ways in which it seemed possible to live up North. Part travelogue, part comic book,

part love story and part guide to the North and its quirky inhabitants Ramshackle spans her

first summer north of 60.


About the Artist :

Since moving to the Northwest Territories in 2009, Alison McCreesh has travelled extensively

throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic. Through her gallery work, illustrations,

sketchbooks and comics, Alison documents and explores the contemporary North. Her work

dwells on the way northern identity shifts rapidly as tradition and modernity collide and coexist

North of 60: sometimes in confrontation with one another, sometimes evolving in parallel and

sometimes mixing to create striking hybrids. Alison currently lives in Yellowknife in a small

shack on the shore of Great Slave Lake – with high speed internet and no running water.


Artist's Website :

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