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Applications for Indigenous Strategic Planning



Research and best practices indicate that successful Indigenous nations and organizations set strategic direction and long-term goals. A viable strategic plan is required to keep pace with changes in the world, reduce dependence on governments, and raise the standard of living of Indigenous citizens now and in the future. You will learn a proven model for strategic planning, based upon systems thinking and its associated processes, tasks, and activities.

The program will prepare you to implement a community, organization, or board strategic planning session; help you focus resources on specific strategies; and provide an understanding of how to keep the plan alive through evaluation, revision, and performance measurement.


What does the program offer?

  • Learn systems thinking
  • Learn to use the techniques involved in a strategic planning model
  • Identify the vision, mission, and values for your community/organization/board
  • Learn how to determine the key factors of success
  • Complete a current state assessment and an environmental analysis
  • Set strategies on which to focus resources and efforts
  • Understand the link between the vision and business and operations plans
  • Learn how to implement your strategic plan and how to evaluate and measure its performance


Who should register?

  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit councils, and tribal councils
  • Boards of Indigenous economic and social development agencies, governing boards, commissions, and legal entities for Indigenous profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Managers, administrators and team leaders
  • Indigenous leaders
  • Urban Indigenous organizations and agencies


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