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Film and Media Arts

With new film and media technologies advancing daily, this is one of the most exciting, creative and dynamic genres in the NWT.

Action shot of Pablo Saravanja taken by Dave Brosha

Professional filmmakers and photographers living in the NWT continue to capture the beauty of the land on film and share it with the world. World-class Aurora Borealis in the night sky are one of the most photographed and sought-out images to behold. The northern landscape is so very unique and different from any other part of the world, that people are mystified and entranced by its form. Many of them will never visit the NWT, and look to these artists to share what they see through their lens.

Youth are encouraged to initiate community-based film and documentary projects that aim to preserve their traditions and cultural heritage, particularly in the smaller, remote communities. Film is a highly effective and important medium to capture traditional language. As fewer residents speak in these traditional ways, documentation in this medium will help preserve this knowledge for future generations.  ​

Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP) is the territory’s film and media arts organization. The mission of the non-profit organization is to produce, support, showcase and promote film, video, and digital media throughout the Northwest Territories. Throughout the year, WAMP hosts several events and festivals that help to foster this growing industry in the North.

The Northwest Territories Film Commission is a branch of the territorial government and while established in 1999, has just recently begun to develop with the booming film industry. The primary role of the Commission is to promote the NWT as an ultimate production location for feature films, commercials, documentaries, television programs and still shoots. 

​The NWT Professional Media Association has a mandate to enhance and promote the professional film, television and media industries in the NWT. The association was formed in 2011 to represent its members by lobbying and taking part in consultations with government and other industry stakeholders. Members of the NWT Professional Media Association are professionals working in the film, television and media industries in the NWT. The Association is encouraging other professionals working in the industry in the NWT to join its ranks, especially those living outside of Yellowknife.