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WAMP’s Annual Film Production Training Series

September 1st, 2021 to November 30th, 2021
Western Arctic Moving Pictures

September 1 - November 30

WAMP’s Annual script-to-screen training series is BACK!

The training series will be geared towards providing writers & directors with the opportunity to learn and create along the whole production process. These classes will be taught by a combination of staff and local freelance producers from the community over the course of three months (September to November).

These classes include:

Film Equipment
Film Production
Post Production
Marketing and Exhibition

Each project will allow one to two participants to a maximum of four projects/short films per series. Each project will be paired with a mentor from the beginning to help achieve their vision with the aim of completing a film by the end of the term. Only projects that are selected via the application process will be paired with a mentor for the training series.

Application Process:

Please submit an expression of interest to describing:

1. Who you are & your film experience (if any)

2. Reasons for wanting to participate in the training series

3. Your short film concept, covering the project parameters below

4. Applicants must have an active WAMP membership.

Application deadline: August 1st, 2021; Successful applicants will be announced August 15th, 2021.

Project Parameters:

5-6 page script max (5-6 min. Short film) *this will be developing during training series, not required for application

Limit 3 different Locations
Limit 4 Characters
Limit 2 shooting days

WAMP strongly recommends each project having a minimum $500 budget for production expenses [Gas, Food, props, rentals]

Registration fee:

Regular: $2000.00 per project

Subsidized seats: $160.00 per project
*Number of seats will be dependant on funding which will be announced in July.

Program Schedule: TBD


Screenwriting : Jen Walden
Directing : Jen Walden
Pre-production : Jeremy Emerson
Film Equipment : Terry Woolf
Film Production : Mentors – Amos Scott, Terry Woolf, Jeremy Emerson, and Jen Walden
Post Production: Keith Robertson & Davis Heslep
Marketing and Exhibition : Jeremy Emerson