Playing With Fire

September 30th, 2022 to October 1st, 2022
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

Playing With Fire is a powerful one-man show performed entirely on hockey skates, on an onstage hockey rink.  It premiered at Alberta Theatre Projects in 2012 and, to date, has earned rave reviews and wowed theatre goers and hockey fans in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Hamilton and Montreal. 

Based on the best-selling biography and developed with Fleury himself, Playing with Fire tells the story of how a 5’6” Metis from Manitoba beat all challenges to become an NHL star.  Playing in over 1,000 games and scoring over 1,000 points, Fleury won a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal with Team Canada. There are countless iconic hockey moments in the play that will be instantly recognizable for fans of the game. 

Theo Fleury’s personal story is remarkable.  He was too small to play, his home life was difficult, he was one of the players abused by Graham James, and he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. But Theo is a fighter in life as well as on the ice.  His strength of spirit and his unflinching decision to tell his story captures your heart, hockey- lover or not.

*Viewer discretion advised - Strong themes & language - Recommended age 16+ 


Sep 30 - 7:30pm

Oct 1 - 1:00pm

Oct 1 - 7:30pm