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Northern Scene Series: Karen Novak in Wide Open

October 10th, 2020
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

The first in a cinematic story-telling trilogy concept that spans 3 albums. It is a luscious, inviting universe that explores the intricate qualities of melodic hard rock, neo-classical, and progressive pop music. Wide Open is the first theatrical rendition to hit the stage, with a live band, multimedia visuals, and story.

A world within a world within a world.


The Story

This is the story of a brave, young warrior. Her name is Satori and she lives in a far-off dimension of another universe. Her world is in terrible danger of being completely destroyed. Satori is the ‘Chosen One’ to travel through time and space to the origins of the terrible danger. Satori’s people (the mist beings) live their lives encased in bubble-like fields of energy and color that respond to vibrations of all kinds. Music is their first language and the universal form of communication. “Songs” are created by emotions, and when emotions turn negative, their worlds crystallize, making it impossible to procreate, and causing them to fall and crash violently, shattering upon impact.

Satori must now leave her home with the daunting task of discovery and resolution. Armed only with her shell (still intact - a gift from the Fathers), and the ability to hear “songs”, she sets out and is drawn to our universe, and the planet Earth . Her first encounter on Earth is with a young runaway on the streets. 

This is where the first album begins. Wide Open follows our heroine through one night in the life of this young woman.


Karen Novak

Karen Novak is a very busy, sought after performer, leader and role model in the industry.She is a well respected multi-talented artist and a full time professional performer for over 20 years. She has been gracing the stages of the north for over 17 of those years.

A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, keyboardist, classically trained organist, synthesizer specialist, producer, writer, storyteller, teacher, and visionary, she advocates for all things music. She has toured extensively across Canada, but found the stability of a house gig in Yellowknife and settled in to perform 5-7 nights per week.

She’s most recognized here as the front person for the popular band “ Welders Daughter”. (

She began teaching organ, piano and accordion at the tender age of 15, went to a career in retail music, where she capped that career as the manager of a large retail chain store ( Tom Lee Music). She then left to pursue music full time and started touring, and has successfully made a living exclusively from  performing music for the past 23 years.

She has been an active member of the music community and has been a booking agent, promoter, event co-ordinator and has sat on several boards throughout the years, including the pacific songwriters association, western Canada summer games( entertainment liaison), end of the road music festival, Western Canada music Association( current NWT rep), and of course Music NWT ( current past president, Vice President and board member).