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Mike Scott and the Brass Brothers

March 12th, 2019
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

Mike Scott presents a powerful power point presentation "Finding the Warrior Within" which is based on the obstacles of his life. His story has been presented to over 300 communities in the past 5 years alone (2013-2018). Mike has finally broken the dysfunctional cycles that have plagued his family for years. He now travels and shares these incredibly powerful stories, as a way to show youth and adults alike that positive change is possible!!


The Brass Brothers are a talented hip-hop duo, which consist of brothers Lawrence and Dwayne Brass. The brothers have been producing and writing lyrics that inspire and motivate youth. They have been featured on Much Music and various radio stations nation wide. The Brass Brothers are young men with dreams to inspire youth to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle through their music. 


Mike Scott's presentation starts at 6pm - 8pm. Intermission is at 8pm (30min). Brass Brothers perform from 8:30pm - 9:30pm.