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Great Northern Arts Festival

July 13th, 2021 to July 15th, 2021

This year only, the Great Northern Arts Festival is taking place in a modified form, in order to keep artists and the public safe as we all begin to recover from the global pandemic.

The 2021 festival, Returning To Our Roots: Great Northern Artist Gathering is a three-day long event that primarily focuses on the artists themselves. Returning To Our Roots will offer workshops for artists, professional development seminars and other events, plus the chance to collaborate and exchange ideas. To regroup with one another. To reunite and reconnect.

The first ever Great Northern Arts Festival, held in 1989, was a similar event - a get-together of artists from remote communities across the North who couldn’t ordinarily expect to meet, all coming together to create art not only art but lifelong friendships.

Workshops and art sales will also be available to limited numbers of the general public.