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Egg Etching Workshop

September 29th, 2019 to November 17th, 2019

This workshop is designed for individuals who have either taken the Basics of Pysanky workshop or who already have an understanding of egg division, design, working with pre blown eggs, and using an electric kistka. The course will continue to expand on egg division and design but participants will learn how to utilize the natural colours of the egg using an etching solution instead of using dyes.


Classes are 1-4pm:                                                        Fees:

September 29                                                                 $95 for new participants

October 20                                                                      $75 for individuals who have already attended the Basics of Pysanky workshop

November 17                                                                


Please note children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult who is also participating in the class.


Please email if you would like to participate. Your spot will be held once payment is received in cash or by e-mail transfer.