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Doc Ignite- HotDocs Workshop

May 6th, 2019
WAMP / Western Arctic Moving Pictures

Hot Docs Doc Ignite labs are offered in communities across Canada each year. Offering direct market intelligence and skills training, each lab provides filmmakers with professional development curriculums on such topics as audience engagement, marketing and distribution to help successfully launch their films in the marketplace. With a focus on reaching underserved regions and communities within Canada, Doc Ignite labs aim to provide new opportunities to filmmakers across all regions of Canada and continue to help them launch sustainable documentary careers. Supported by Netflix.

Writing for Documentary
Using successful Hot Docs fund applications as examples, participants will learn what funders are really looking for when evaluating grant submissions and will glean crucial tips on how to make their projects stand out. This workshop will feature a hands-on component, so bring the written materials you’ve prepared for your project and learn how to write your best treatment for grants, funders and pitching.

Make Local Stories Global
“The paradox of arriving at a truly universal story is often found in its specificity.” Stories can travel across boarders, cultures, languages and barriers, so why do they sometimes feel like they won’t leave our backyard? In this presentation and interactive activity, take away critical tools to lift your local story to international markets and make it accessible to global audiences.

Distribution 101
The distribution workshop will equip filmmakers with the tools they require to develop distribution strategies for their projects, helping them to identify key audience segments, hone their marketing messaging, better understand the roles that festivals, sales agents, and distributors play in bringing films to the marketplace, and what to expect from each of these partnerships.

Join us from 8-10pm for a bite and a beer afterwards!

limited space

Workshop facilitated by Madelaine Russo, Industry Programmer at Hot Docs.

Madelaine Russo is Industry Programmer of Deal Maker (the one-on-one meeting program) at Hot Docs. She also supports the production of the Hot Docs Forum, runs the Hot Docs blog, facilitates Doc Ignite workshops across Canada, and has produces several industry publications, including the annual Hot Docs Guide to Decision Makers, and the Emerging Producer Guides to Budgeting and Co-Production. Before joining Hot Docs, Madelaine ran the Alternate Realities Market at Sheffield Doc/Fest in the UK. She has also worked at short film distributor Ouat Media. She holds a Master of Arts in English and Cultural Studies.