May 20th, 2023
Northern Arts and Cultural Centre


Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ is a hybrid project, combining the creations of both theater and radio. On stage, two women from Nunavik (Niap Saunders and Hannah Tooktoo), live their lives in front of our eyes; lives in which the radio is central and serves as a true guideline for their existence.

Through the radio, which sits as a centerpiece in their household and occupies a crucial place in Nordic communities, the sound of a documentary flows out for both us and them. We become immersed in the North through its soundscapes, its silences, and the voices of five young women from the Nunavik territory. Thus, the two women on stage listen as the documentary’s subjects speak about their very experiences and will, at some point, even need to challenge them.

Audrey, Samantha, Louisa, Mélodie and Akinisie split their lives between the North and the South. Over an 8 month period, these young women have accepted to speak about their lives by means of a radio documentary; a piece sculpted through their own words and silences. Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ is an echo of the North; of its past, but especially of its present, through the sensibilities of these five young friends.

Laurence Dauphinais and Marie-Laurence Rancourt gather a group of indigenous and non-indigenous artists for the creation of a singular multidisciplinary piece where the spectator finds himself as a foreigner travelling north of the 55th parallel. With their senses aroused, the viewers are positioned as voyeurs, witnessing the lives of two Inuit women, whose realities they know very little. They are invited to listen with patience to gain access to this foreign world.

Aalaapi | ᐋᓛᐱ reflects the desire of the collective to position the piece in contrast to the often-conveyed images of the North. To open a door to a universe freed from clichés and preconceived ideas. It’s the possibility of meeting, both within the team and with the public. It’s an invitation to listen, as a means to better see. It’s a communion through bread and sound.


The show is approximately: 1:45 including the discussion