Vernon Lee Sacrey

North Slave
Artist Bio: 

Lee was born and raised on Canada's east coast, moving to Yellowknife at 22 years old in 1990. Interested in Photography since his teens, within two years of arriving in the north Lee's love of Photography grew and he purchased his first 35mm SLR. Doing accounting by day Lee's Photography was more for his enjoyment and became a hobby he seemed to be obsessed with. Boxes and boxes of film stored in the fridge was in regular observation by anyone looking to grab a beverage, lol. When digital SLRs started to become more popular Lee became more and more involved in all things Photography. In 2005 his hobby became more of a part time job and Lee started to get involved in the organization of Photography workshops with well known Photographers from the NWT and other parts of Canada. Lee is part owner of a small accounting/bookkeeping firm in Yellowknife and with that firm doing work throughout the NWT, it allows Lee quite a few opportunities to photograph in all regions of the NWT. In his 25 years plus, Lee has visit 25 of the 33 NWT Communities.

Not only is Lee into taking photographs but he also loves to share information and knowledge about the subject. For a number of years Lee has been the Technical Chair of Skills Canada Northwest Territories Photography Competition and as of 2015 he is now a National Skills Canada Technical Committee member for Photography.

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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