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I enjoy what people would normally overlook. Growing up in the North and on the Canadian Shield inspired me to paint landscapes within landscapes by capturing the micro-textures of our natural surroundings.

I feel as if I have come full circle with my art. I started painting in high school and attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After that, I earned my degree in interdisciplinary arts from Concordia University. I went into design for theatre with multimedia creations. But the one thing that stayed consistent was my love of working on a grand scale.

The disillusion of proportions inspires my work a lot. In the North there is so much space, things are stunted and smaller in nature and because of that the sky seems so much vaster. I think that translates into the magnified and close ups of the northern landscape.

I create my paintings at Saxifrage Studio, based out of my home. I would consider my work to be more abstract or contemporary and it involves a lot of relief and texture.

There is more than just the visual in the North and I aim to provide a tactile experience of subarctic landscape.



Artist Bio: 

Tracey Bryant is a local artist and art teacher in Yellowknife, NT. She received her formal training from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C.  She then went on to explore other avenues earning an Interdisciplinary fine arts degree at Concordia University in Montreal.

Working in acrylic, oil , encaustic and mixed media Tracey Bryant draws her inspiration from the subarctic landscape of her home town Yellowknife. 

Her style has been described as ‘Magnifying Minutia’, her paintings often include close-up and enlarged views of lichen and the cracked, mottled patterns found in Canadian Shield rock, and the sub-arctic flora  that exists around her. ​

Tracey founded Saxifrage studio in 2013, since then she has aspired to make her studio a place of magic, inspiration and learning for kids and adults of all ages. She is renowned for her Masterpiece Sundays art program for kids and her Art on the Van Gogh program for the busy adults. Her classes incorporate art history, culture and technique.

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

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