Stephanie Hardisty

Artist Bio: 

After moving from Whitby, Ontario to Fort Simpson in 2012, I fell in love with traditional crafts.  I have had the privilege of participating in many workshops and courses to learn how to create my own artwork.  There are many local women who have taught me and encouraged me to continue doing this alone. 

With the lessons I have been gifted I can now complete projects on my own.  This is a huge accomplishment. Had I stayed in Ontario, I would have never known that I was capable of doing this.  I encourage all newcomers to the Territories and anyone who doesn't think they have a creative bone in their body to explore the many opportunities available to learn new skills in the Northwest Territories.  Take it from me... you will not regret it!

I am currently working on tanning my first Moosehide.  You can see progress pictures and completed pictures in my gallery of projects I have created on my own.

Feel free to contact me for any more information! Happy Crafting!

Last Updated: May 23, 2023
Fort Simpson

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