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Ryan McCord

North Slave
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(867) 444-0322
Yellowknife, NT X1A3S9

Artist Story

When I came to Yellowknife in 2003, I really appreciated and embraced the vibrant arts scene of the city. I didn’t even really play an instrument then, but the people I met inspired me to get back to having art in my life. I taught myself to play the guitar and started making and playing my own folk music. I do it mostly for just the joy of performing.

A lot of songs I have written are based on personal experiences. Some are totally made up but most are from my life. I usually get a line that comes in my head and think, “that’s a good line” and try to expand on that to get a theme and song going. Sometimes those lines just roll around in my head for years and there are lots that never turn into songs.

I would like to continue recording. I think sometimes I ask myself whether I could support myself with music one day, but I am not quitting my day job just yet. Music is really about bringing community members together to enjoy the arts together and enrich their lives.

Artist Bio: 

Ryan McCord picked up the guitar shortly after arriving in Yellowknife over ten years ago.  Originally from Peterborough, Ontario, his move north coincided with a deepening appreciation of folk, traditional, and old time country music.  He sings songs of the road and the rails, tales told in the style of depression era greats like Jimmie Rodgers or early Roy Acuff.

Last Updated: October 13, 2015

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