Ruth Westland

South Slave
Fort Smith
Box 454
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0

Artist Story

I believe I have a very strong creative spirit and I see things deeply – always searching for beauty in everything. The art I create now I’ve come to call message art. I’ve been drawing and writing continuously throughout my life. My designs have consistently come into my head with certain words or a message with it. I wrote poetry extensively growing up as well, and worked at perfecting my hand-writing from an early age – as most of my poetry is handwritten. That’s where it started, my poetry and art really blended together with writing and unique borders. Art is the beauty of creation and my love for design.

Early on in life I was a ballet dancer, and design at that time was about using my body to create visual art in space. Now I create things like wedding invitations, poetry and drawings for various occasions and events, and other pieces that just come to mind.

I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but moved north to Fort Smith for love. I can say it’s very different, but there are some things that I truly love about the place; the outdoors, aurora borealis, the beauty of seeing snow like diamonds in the winter, and any wildlife are just some of the many reasons.

I am working towards completing some books in the near future that will hold anthologies of my writing and my drawn images. I think overall creative expression is who I am; it’s a part of who I am.

Artist Bio: 

My name is Ruth Westland, a Los Angeles born "half-breed"; my father a Canadian and my mother an American. I spent my youth in Ballet training and Dance Drama in Hollywood as a scholarship student which birthed me into an early professional career. Though dance was the primary passion of my life, I spent any spare time I had in creative writing and in drawing. The voice I found of strength and comfort in my youth was rooted in the arts, which were the languages I spoke the best and loved the most. Later, music found its home in me beside dance, drama, design, and poetry; and I now play the Highland Bagpipes along with the Celtic Folk Harp. All these art forms are the extension of the root desire to express an intense creative energy which seems to be the hallmark of my life.

Last Updated: December 4, 2018

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