Ronald Taylor

Artist Bio: 

Born in Inuvik NWT and raised in Tuktoyaktuk, 110 miles North East of Inuvik. I was taught to carve at an early age by my father, his main material to work on would be whale bone, caribou antlers and moose horn. He didn't like to work on soapstone because of the dust, he carved right in the kitchen area, and he would only use hand tools, hacksaw, axe and files. He would let any one of us try our hands at carving, giving us tips on what to do and how to do it. There are 10 of us in the family, and 8 that still carve today. Two older brothers, one younger and two younger sisters, also our nephews and nieces are trying to carve. I got serious in 1988 at doing my art work and mainly concentrated on carving, for the past four years I have lived in Yellowknife, 5 of us attended The Great Northern Arts Festival, held in Inuvik in July. I've worked with a few mediums, various stones, and mammoth, walrus ivory, moose, caribou, musk-ox and whale bones. I have also done a few years of jewelry, ear rings, broaches, rings, miniature carvings of animals our of bone. I enjoy working with stone, since I can put more movement into it, rather than bone, which is limited in size. I enjoyed teaching children in school for 4 years in Tuktoyaktuk, grades 4-9. I have also received a couple awards from The Great Northern Arts Festival, one was for the most promising artist.

Last Updated: May 25, 2023
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