Ronald Bonnetrouge

South Slave
Fort Providence
P.O. Box 162
Fort Providence, NT X0E 0L0

Artist Story

I was given my first DSLR camera as a gift in 2008, and from that point on I couldn’t get enough reading and research material to fill my excitement to learn. I was always mesmerized by how photographs and scenes were captured in magazines. I’d analyze everything from the flow, composition, and focus in hopes to understand how they were shot.

The north, and especially the Fort Providence area, is my playground. I love to go out and shoot the aurora in the fall and winter, and am always aiming to find innovative ways to compose the aurora. Some of the challenges I’ve found are to think creatively, imaginatively and getting the timing right for that magic moment. I draw my inspiration from a mixture of things like scenery and landscapes, to trying to capture a unique sunrise or sunset photo.

When I see a scene or photograph that I really like, I try to emulate it just to figure out how it was shot. Figuring out how some other photos were taken really helps me to progress and move on. Then I’ll find an every-day scene and apply what I’ve learned in hopes to make it unique and more interesting to look at. I usually start shooting and don’t stop until I get it right, periodically looking at my camera screen to see what I have to change to achieve how I think it should look. I have a lot of future projects and goals I’m hoping to achieve with my photography and am always striving to make them happen.

Artist Bio: 

Hobby Photographer from Fort Providence, currently commutes home from Hay River on weekends, where employed with the GNWT Department of Public Works and Services as a Project Officer. Had taken photography back in the film age in high school and as recent as 2008, began to work with the digital camera learning the advanced features other than the automatic settings. I have a passion for photographing the "Northern Lights", sports, landscape, scenery, wildlife, fauna and traditional events.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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