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Priscilla Wetrade

Artist Bio: 

Born and raised in Gameti, Priscilla Wetrade belongs to a long line of proud Tlicho artists. While growing up, she's watch her grandmothers and mother sew many products. Proud to say, the budding artistsa, came around once she moved back home to Gameti in 2012. With the flexible working house, this gives the self-reliant and independent Ms. Wetrade to earn an income.
A mother of two, Ms. Wetrade finds the flexibility of working on her crafts, to coincide with her children's schedule.
A stay at home home enjoys her time sewing arts and craft. Ms. Wetrade arts and crafts are all uniquely made with good quality care.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015
North Slave
Box 106
Gameti, NT X0E 1R0
(867) 997-3310

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