Pierre Berreault

Fort Liard

Artist Story

I make all sorts of traditional items – some are miniature and others are real size. My mother died when I was young so my father taught us everything from trapping and carving, to making tools – he taught us what we needed to know to survive.

I make real size drums and snowshoes, and also smaller ones for display only. Other small things I make are wooden sleds and moosehide boats. These items are big in real life! I use the same traditional materials so making them helps me to keep the traditions alive but since they are small its easier for people to take them home and display them as art.

I love the braiding and weaving of sinew when I make these things. It reminds me of the importance of these skills. I try to teach at youth camps to help keep these traditions of making these items alive. As we get older and pass away, it is important to pass these skills down so the next generation is reminded of these ways of life.

Artist Bio: 

Pierre lives with his wife Laura in the small Deh Cho community of Fort Liard. Pierre produces beautiful birch bark products such as miniature drums, canoes and snowshoes.

Last Updated: May 19, 2023

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