Peter John Lafferty

Artist Bio: 

Peter John Lafferty was born and raised in Rae, NT. He is a self-taught artist and works with a variety of mediums. Peter discovered his great talent and passion for creating in a high school art class where he began drawing and eventually fell in love with painting. "I just picked up a paint brush one day and couldn't stop". Since then, Peter has produced hundreds of incredible paintings depicting life on the land, northern legends, and wildlife. His favorite animal to capture is the wolf. He has a great appreciation for all native art forms and the stories that they tell. Therefore, in 2003, he enrolled in the Traditional Arts Program that is offered at Aurora College in Inuvik, NT. This course taught him all aspects of the world of Aboriginal arts and crafts, everything from how to tan hides to how to bead and tuft. It is very important for Peter to learn the traditions of his ancestors so that he can then pass the skills onto others and help preserve this important part of his sacred heritage. A big highlight for Peter was participating in the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, NT in 2002. He really enjoyed meeting and sharing ideas with his fellow Northern Artists. He gets a lot of inspiration from other Artists and their unique skills. He hopes to attend more festivals in years to come. Peter's artwork can be viewed in various offices and galleries throughout the Northwest Territories.

Last Updated: August 9, 2018

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