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Patsy June Krutko

North Slave
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Artist Story

I picked up beading when I was ten years old while growing up in Fort McPherson. I just started by making necklaces on the loom or by stringing beads. If I had a problem with a specific piece, I would ask my grandmother or my cousins for help. Sometimes they would teach me, but most of the time they would just finish it for me! I lost my beading in a house fire and I didn’t pick it back up for years. But somehow, beading has always been on my mind; it has always pulled me to the table. Eventually I went back to it again and now I bead everyday if I can.

I am drawn to beadwork because I find it relaxing. If I don’t bead for one day, I feel like I am missing out. A few years ago, after a long day at work, my co-worker asked what I was going to do in the evening and I told her I was going to work on some beading projects. Today, I can still picture her looking so stunned at my answer, because beading sounded like such a big job to her! But to me, it’s something I love to do to feel calm.

I prefer to make beaded earrings, because I get to try different things, just to see how they will look. I get inspired from looking around and finding patterns. If I see a flower or pattern that I like, I will draw them out and see what I can make from them. I also really enjoy completing a beading or crochet project, just to see what comes out of it.

I also think it’s important to pass on traditional knowledge. If somebody needs to or wants to watch me bead or ask questions, I don’t mind. I would love to have sessions where I could show people what I do. It’s important to keep the traditions going!

Artist Bio: 

Patsy June Krutko grew up in Fort McPherson until 1984. She moved back in Yellowknife in the early 90’s and has been living here ever since. Patsy loves to create with a variety of beads, depending on the project she is undertaking. She can make just about everything such as baby slippers or straps, beaded jewelry and other items and belts. Beading is now Patsy’s main focus, but she sometimes creates crochet items to offer as gifts to her family.

Last Updated: October 30, 2017

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