Pascaline Gréau

North Slave

Artist Story

I was first introduced to henna in high school (in France) by a friend from North Africa where henna is a tradition. I taught myself more about it and practiced it a bit here and there.

When I moved to Yellowknife, I had a friend who pushed me to do it as artist. There is no one in Yellowknife to teach me so I look at online pictures and try to do what I see. I learn more and practice everyday, which is how I get better at my art. It is like when a kid is drawing; it is peaceful and fulfilling.

Henna makes me happy and it is fun. And it is temporary art so every piece is precious and unique. I find it incredibly relaxing for me and also see that reflected in the people who are my canvas. I am inspired by mostly by asking them what they like. It could be something like flowers or leaves and I go with the flow and try to get that into the design. I try to create something special for them from what they are telling me. Usually I do not know where it will go.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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