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Nicky Lynn Richards

Norman Wells
(867) 446-0234
P.O.Box 176
Norman Wells, NT X0E 0V0

Artist Story

My art is of the landscape and the beauty that surrounds me. This place is my home and it inspires me to capture a moment as a memory. That image will never be there again. When everything else changes in life, pictures always stay the same.

I have always taken tons of photographs so I can remember being in that one particular place. That’s sort of how it started. I had all these pictures of my daughter’s life in the bush from a baby to eight years old. I wanted to do something with them, so I compiled a book called The Adventures of Ava Janine. Then started doing calendars of my other photographs. I found there was nothing that actually said Norman Wells or Sahtu on it at the time. Then I started doing Christmas cards and souvenirs. 

I take a lot of Northern Lights photos because we have the best ones in the world. It might seem like they are over photographed but they move so quickly and are always changing colours, so every single shot is different. When I first learned how to take photo of the Lights, I was sitting around a campfire in Deline when I noticed the colours coming out. I didn’t have a tripod but I spent all night in a snow bank thinking I was going to get all these photos. They actually turned out as just blurry blobs of green but I was so happy something actually came out! Now, I can really get the best pictures even if I’m just in my backyard.

My artwork tells a story about where we live in this vast, amazing and beautiful place. Not everyone can see or experience that first hand. I hope my photographs help people see our landscape and our home.



Last Updated: July 23, 2019

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