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Beaufort Delta
P.O. Box 2244
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

Artist Story

I was born on a ranch, had a horse and did the ranch thing. Then moved to the city, met my husband, moved to the North, traded the horse for a dog team, and settled down for the next 42 years! The town was new when we got here, with lots of new people coming in, and a lot of them left their art behind. So we started a little art group, bought a kiln, and things took off.

My first love was clay, and then we found stained glass; we brought in a fellow to give a workshop, and I fell in love with the medium, and the way it played with light. Then I discovered watercolours.  Driving the dog team, exploring the Mackenzie Delta, I’ve always loved the boreal forests. When you’re doing stained glass, what you’re doing is taking out details. With watercolours, I could be as detailed as I liked. So I painted what I saw on the land when I ran dogs.

Working as part of a community gives you energy and inspiration, and helps you learn new things, but working on your own in an isolated place is different: you have to teach yourself, and grow in your own way. So the Great Northern Arts Festival is essential - it’s the one of the main ways us northerners get some instruction / inspiration! The Festival is a tremendous thing for our community. We’re not great marketers up here, so to have a week where we can work together, show our work to people, and learn new things is priceless

Artist Bio: 

Self-taught in many of the areas in which she works, Myrna first became interested in art while growing up in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. She began sculpting after a friend agreed to pay half the price of a kiln and has since added many other mediums to her repertoire, including her current work in stained glass, water colour painting, and abstract acrylic painting. Open landscapes, the result of countless days spent running a dog team, inspire Myrna. She describes her work as simple and abstract, with many subconscious details and enjoys exploring a multitude of mediums. Myrna also loves working with stained glass because every piece of glass is unique and each combination of forms is unique. She says every piece of glass uses an element of light to imply a sense of strength, and a larger piece can take her two or three weeks to finish. Her best pieces are ones where she feels the artwork has "come alive", with an aura of power as she works. Myrna's work can be seen in the Centennial Library in Inuvik, NT, as well as in the church in Fort McPherson, NT, and the homes of friends and family, and visitors to the Beaufort Delta. Pieces can also be purchased of commissioned, directly from Myrna. Myrna enjoys creating for herself and her fans and is always looking forward to her next opportunity to share the power of her passion.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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