Millie Hudson

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Millie Hudson is an emerging singer/vocalist who was born and currently lives in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. She has been singing all her life, but only starting singing publicly since 1997. Millie has many other artists in her family, including her brother Tom, Dennis and Ken Hudson, her daughter Nilanis Hudson, her sister Lisa Hudson, and also her nephew's Sid and Shawn Hudson. Her musical background was self-taught, with inspiration coming from her family. Millie has entered and won many talent competitions, for example, she took first place in the 1999 "Summer Daze Talent Show" in High Level, AB. She is working on a CD which will be released mid-late July of 2009 and will be available for purchase. In addition to her music, Millie has a background in Counselling and Office Administration.

"I enjoy singing country music as well as rock and roll (even some blues). I like the fact that I am versatile with my music because then I have choices, for example, I can hook up with a band of musicians and sing country one year at the South Slave Friendship Festival and then the next year I can sing rock and roll if I so choose. As well, I am able to "jam" many different songs with other musicians."

"When I sing country music, I like to sing the "oldies". I grew up listening to this type of music so I have a great connection with it. I'm not a big fan of most of the new country music they are coming out with these days and I wish that new musicians would do more songs with the old country flavour. The CD I have coming out contains all older country music and it is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Tom & Florance Hudson."

"I always try to encourage other females who can sing to practice their songs and eventually they will be able to take the mic and sing up on stage. I've offered my help to many girls to come over and use my equipment, get some tips, etc. I notice that at the South Slave Friendship Festival here in Fort Smith that there are mostly male singers."

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