Mike Cooper

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Art has been a significant part of my life since early childhood. I have always Loved Art, and have been drawing, sculpting, painting and carving since I picked up my first Crayola Crayon at the age of 2. I have been influenced by many types of Art and many different Artists, particularly, Indigenous Art and Artists in my family, as well as Realist Art, Surrealist Art and Graffiti.

In 2012, in Edmonton, Alberta, after years of wrestling with various artistic mediums, never quite manifesting what I intended, I used an Airbrush for the first time. In that moment, I found THE Artistic Medium for ME!!! Lines, Shading, Colours and Textures seemed to flow from the tip of the Airbrush onto anything I pointed it at. Since that moment, creating Airbrush Art has become both Passion and Therapy for me.

In 2014, my Family moved to Yellowknife. We were welcomed and included in the Community from the day we arrived and have become part of this amazing Community and Land. We Love the Land, the Sky and the People of the North!

Last Updated: June 14, 2019
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