Matthew Miller

South Slave
Hay River
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I love spending time in nature and my photography focuses on sharing images of natural landscapes, wildlife and people in natural settings. The goal of my photography is to share images of the natural world to promote an appreciation for the beauty within it. When we slow down and take time to see and appreciate the natural world around us we can gain a new appreciation for the beauty within it. Whether it’s little things, like a bird in a tree, or greater phenomena like the northern lights we get to see here in the north, we are always surrounded by nature in one way or another. For me, photography is about capturing those moments, big or small, and all the beauty that they bring. Hopefully, I can help people appreciate nature a bit more, and encourage them to look at what surrounds them. I also like the idea of sharing pictures of rare wildlife or remote locations that not everyone gets to experience, especially with people living in urban settings where it’s easier to forget about nature’s beauty.

My photographs don’t represent one story, but many.  The images I take speak for themselves: they all tell a different story of a time, a place, an animal, the possibilities held by a person in a beautiful setting. That’s exactly what I love about photography; you can tell a story without any words, and anyone can interpret that story differently.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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