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Mary Caroline

North Slave
(867) 444-0690
Box 20117
Yellowknife, NT X1A 3X8

Artist Story

When I was 14, I found old guitar at my grandma’s place and slowly taught myself from a book. It was pretty humble beginnings but I learned guitar mainly because I wanted to write music. I write songs and poetry about things that everyone experiences: love, relationships, society, humanity, spirituality, nature… It could be about big events in my life or I could just be washing the dishes and see something that makes me want to write a song. It comes when it comes. I’ve done some stories and filmmaking also, but haven’t pursued that too much. I like the feeling of putting something together and thinking, yeah, this is what I wanted to say.

My first album, Snow Blindness, came from a really big catalogue of songs I thought would go good together. The second album, Who’s In Control, was a collaboration and forced me to evolve as a musician and a songwriter. It was a lot about what is influencing us spiritually from outside the physical realm.

I feel like I’m at a very special place in my career. I can stand behind what I am doing and feel good about it. It’s a process but I am at a point where things are coming together and clicking. That takes peoples’ support and mentorship and people to listen, so, all those things together make it great to be where I am at right now. 

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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