Marnie Hilash

Beaufort Delta
75 Natala Drive
P.O. Box 1736
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

Artist Story

I started drawing seriously when I was twelve years old. Drawing is usually the foundation of everything I do, but I do digital art, I do painting, I do fibre arts, anything and everything, and sometimes try to put them all together in the same piece. A lot of people talk about my work as Pop Art; it’s very much post-Pop. Each of my pieces has a story.

I create art because I have to; it’s not a choice. If I go too long without having worked on something creative, especially without drawing -I try to draw every day- because I’ve found over time that if I don’t, quite frankly, I get sick: I get depressed, I get physically ill. It’s like breathing.

Despite all of the great big words and stuff that I toss out there about my art practice, to me, the core of art is spiritual. When I go to a gallery, it’s like I’m going to church. I believe that art is the most fundamental expression of being human. When I say I draw all the time -to me- it’s praying. When I sit there and I start working on that image, and it starts to come to life: it’s magic, it’s the most amazing thing. That’s why it makes me so happy. 

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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