Marion Storm

Fort Simpson
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P.O. Box 441
Fort Simpson, NT X0E 0N0

Artist Story

I think my art changes all the time. It is the voice of my spirit and it evolves and when I trust where it’s taking me I get excited and paint more. I have paintings all over the house that might be done or might not, and I will paint over top of them as I change.

Painting is incredibly therapeutic for me. All of my paintings are about transformation. As I age, they embody the question, “how do I transform into this new person.” It is this existential angst about recognizing and transcending the idea of growing up and out and now in, thinking inward about what life is all about.

I start by giving myself little problems to solve. I put colours down or put paintings together and sideways and then pull apart and work with fractals and shapes. I like to work with patterns and soon a pattern develops and speaks to me; it is always saying something different.

What people are able to see for themselves in my paintings is always different. It usually relates back to what is going on in their life at the time. They are time pieces, with layers and layers of time within them. It’s a process of capturing the essence of time for me. For others, it is the exploration of a personal internal landscape and internal dialogue in a visual form. 

Artist Bio: 

Marion Storm has over 30 years experience of art making. She obtained her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education in the early 1990s. After teaching art for a few years she opened her own art school, the Storm School of Art. But, but a brush with serious illness changed her path. She embarked on a journey that open her eyes to things seen and unseen. She inhaled the beauty of Canada, travelling and painting along the way, settling in the Northwest Territories. Making art is as necessary to her life as breathing. The crisp clean air the Northwest Territories offers her the inspiration to express her spirit’s journey with ease. She works directly on the canvas with mixed media exploring and layering, while inviting mystical alchemy to take over. Marion lives in the community of Fort Simpson with her husband Dean, and their faithful canines Penny and Rupert.

Last Updated: September 16, 2020

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