Marie-Christine Aubrey

Artist Bio: 

Marie-Christine Aubrey has practiced her art in the Northwest Territories for over 20 years, however, she is has been an artist her whole life in any mediums such as pottery, painting, and fabric art.

As a textile fabric artist, her original designs express experiences and imagination and are the focus of her current and recent works in this medium. She enjoys experimenting with different fabrics, bright colours, natural and unique fibers, a variety of embellishments, and fabric paints to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

Marie-Christine's creations are from the heart. She shares her passion for textile fiber arts by evoking an emotional connection and response with the viewers. Her belief is to incorporate new styles, processes, and materials which continues her growth as an artist. She is fascinated with the process of creativity - it plays a vital role in her life. Her work is in 'narrative style'; each piece has its own story to tell. Her muses are often born in nature and landscapes, reflecting the beauty and majesty she sees in the North. Every part of her artwork is original; her own designs, including fabric dyeing which enables her to create her own shades of colours choice. Hand painted individual fabrics create unique combinations of colours, shapes textures, fabrics and embellishments, which all marry to produce a one of a kind piece.

Although her inspirations are usually found in real life, her recent fabric art pieces are often abstract or collage interpretations of what she sees and feels. She is currently experimenting with portraits drawn from both still life and her imagination. The recent focuses are intuitive, not structured. This allows her to infuse fabric art with unique and unusual materials, textures, fabrics, colours and shapes. The end piece is representative of her visions, and beautifully reflect her life in the North.

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