Marcus Jackson

North Slave
919 Bigelow Crescent
919 Bigelow Crescent
Yellowknife, NT X1A 3J3

Artist Story

I am an artist interested in the intersections where humans and animals meet. I explore the animal politic, the body and identity. I am interested in value systems, landscape and mapping and how animals interact with the land. At present humans are responsible for the sixth great extinction known as the Holocene extinction and therefore most of my work focuses on dead animals. I am attracted to the juxtaposition of tragedy and beauty and try to create works that evoke emotion and awe.

There is something beautiful about a dead body whether a feather-light corpse of a bird or the strong musky scent of a freshly killed moose. Is there some tangible element of wild left imprinted on the remains of animals? What lingers after a soul has vacated its body? These are just a few of the questions I am interested in answering.

Primarily a printmaker, I am drawn to line work and so I work mainly in intaglio processes but also create works in relief, collagraph and am experimenting with "kitchen" lithography. I dabble in papermaking and bookbinding and am working on developing the text and images for my first editioned artist print book. Beyond printmaking, I am an avid photographer and dump-hound, scrounging bits and pieces for my ongoing collection of assemblage ephemera.

I graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with the board of governor's award for print media. My work has been exhibited across Canada the United States, as well as in Australia, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. When I am not making art I write a blog called The Paper Coyote about contemporary artists whose work I find inspiring or informative to my practice.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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