Lorna Elias

Artist Story

I started sewing in 2019. I love to make sealskin mitts with sheared beaver lining, but I’ve also made sealskin headbands and sealskin wallets. I learned to make mitts from my Mom. I’m looking forward to taking on new projects in the future as I learn more and expand my seamstress skills.

When it comes to making art, I am inspired daily. The beautiful artwork that I see around me every day inspires me to create my own pieces. I create art to keep myself busy and to prepare for the winter, but what I like the most about creating is that it’s really relaxing to me.

I like to challenge myself by doing different designs with sealskin. I’ve used dyed sealskin in some projects, but I especially love to work with the colours and pattern of natural sealskin. I play with different shapes, designs, and patterns to make unique mitts. If I’m going to do inlays, I start by making a pattern that fits the specific design I have in mind. I have made mitts with wave and diamond designs.

Art connects me to my culture. My Ancestors wore traditional clothes. My great Grandmother was a clothing seamstress. My mom makes traditional clothing, like mukluks and parkas —  she can make everything and anything! I would love to expand on my current skills and learn how to make clothing like my mother did. I am really looking forward to receiving a lot more knowledge from her

Artist Bio: 

Lorna was born in Ulukhaktok and now resides in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Since her mother taught her how to sew, Lorna has been focused on practicing and expanding her seamstress skills. Impressed with the first design she created and sewed herself, she decided to keep selling her artwork through social media.

Last Updated: October 1, 2021
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