Lori Gresl

North Slave
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A Metis from Inuvik in the Mackenzie Delta Region in the Northwest Territories, I have always had a passion for the people of the North and that way of life. I feel a need to learn as much as I can and express this knowledge through my art.

Tradition and culture are important to me and it comes from our family, extended family and friends around us There are people who with their commitment and their approach to, have taught me much. My grandmother, Christina Norris, whom I respect for the strength (& maybe the bit of stubbornness she had) that it took to raise a family, trap and maintain a traditional way of life along the Mackenzie River in Aklavik and Inuvik.  My other grandmother, Evelyn Blazenko, who taught me what it is to be dependable. She was always there for me, to listen and offer many words of wisdom. Finally, my parents, whose unconditional love and support gave me the strength in my life and my art.

There is a sense of the North and my own beliefs and values that I began my journey towards self expression. My art enables me to express the knowledge my own interpretation of native culture. I strive to share stories and traditional knowledge in my masks, jewelry and other mediums I create.

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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