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Fort Simpson
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It was back in my formative years in New Zealand in the 1950's hearing that early rock and roll on the old AM radio that stirred my passion with music. As a little guy I needed to express myself by squeaking along with the radio – I just wanted to get it out. Around the age of 15 I purchased my first guitar and taught myself a few chords and I was hooked.

When I moved to Canada and up to Mayo, Yukon, the door opened to my fascination with music during sing-alongs on cold winter evenings. I began to learn about the guitar and putting words together to form the structure of a song. 

My years up North since 1973 and moving to the NWT in 1977, have offered a wealth of life experiences to write about and put to music together with reflections back to my roots. I understand there is a need to express the colour of who we are, whether in a visual display or in my case a musical representation of that picture.

My music is based on the blues 1-4-5 progression (early rock and roll) and I find the chord structure has a real edge and emotion that people can relate to. An idea of a song can come at any time or place – the inspiration and lyrics are all around. Being aware and interacting with one another funnels into the consciousness and with some structuring, a new story is ready to be put to music. Three albums later, I am still listening and observing the human condition, creating as it comes.



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We regret to advise readers that Lindsay has passed away. His profile remains in his memory.

Last Updated: October 17, 2019

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