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Laurie Anne Lennie

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I am from Fort Norman, NWT and grew up in Arctic Red River. I am going to school at the learning center with the Aurora Campus which is free and I want to do this because I haven't been in school for 5+ years and am in need of a review. I plan to use the arts profile for Christmas. I will be going to SAIT for a diploma and have scholarships in mind. I would like to display my art work but am in also need of supplies. I will be travelling and will try to post work up. It's the dusk/dawn colours on animals. I later want to put landscapes into glaciers and bedding of colour schemes that we are used to in the north like arctic ice and crystal ice snow like that of those foxes, owls and rabbits. My work is similar to mines and crystals, ice and gems.

Last Updated: February 12, 2020
Inuvik Beaufort Delta
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