Artist Bio: 

Kiera-Dawn Kolson is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist, performer and young leader. Kiera first stepped on stage at the age of 3 1/2 and today, is a singer/songwriter, cultural facilitator and motivational speaker.

Kiera-Dawn uses natural materials such as porcupine quills, dentalium shells, hide, fur, beads and semi-precious stones in her designs, creating wearable art such as jewellery, purses, dresses and hats. Kiera-Dawn is one of the featured designers at the 2019 Western Canada Fashion Week.

For over 20 years Kiera-Dawn has been involved nationally and internationally in various realms of advocacy work directly involved in art and empowerment and she has been engaged in issues specifically focused on Indigenous peoples human rights, environmental protection, cultural preservation, Indigenous women's right's/MMIW, Indigenous communities and decolonization, harm reduction and empowerment through art and culture. Kiera-Dawn believes in the rehumanization of Indigenous nation's beyond the negative stereotypes around Indigenous potential and believes we all play an important role in the redefinition of what that Indigenous potential looks like and how reconciliation will happen in this country.

A graduate of the En'Owkin Centre's NAPAT program; Kiera-Dawn is passionate about the revitalization of Indigenous heritage nationally and internationally and continues to learn and share her heritage with the next generations of First Nation's, Métis and Inuit, so they too can live and love their gifts of who they are.

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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