Karl Johnston

Artist Bio: 

My work began in Fort Smith, in 2008, where I learned to shoot alongside a friend - Thomas Koidhis - who inspired me to start photography. The upcoming year of 2009 I won highly commended in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition in London, United Kingdom, at the Royal Observatory of Greenwich. This was followed by an interview I had with Photoworld Magazine in Beijing, China, calling me "The King of The Aurora." The print since appeared in a book by Harper & Collins UK with a foreword by Sir Patrick Moore. A couple of years later, in 2011, I was exhibited in Sydney, Australia, as one of the finalists (4th place, silver award) of the Epson International Pano Awards alongside the top-selling fine art photographer of all time. Both Thomas Koidhis and myself were awarded and exhibited for work we had created in Fort Smith of panoramas we had shot within 50 miles of each other. My work from this competition appeared on the website of Australian Geographic "best panorama photographers."

My prints have graced the walls of many venues, from gifts to politicians to collectors' homes, hospitals, art galleries and retailers nation wide. Some of my favorites include Aurora College's hallways and a set of 8x4' murals done by Mercury Sign Art & Design. Don also did the work for printing my works of "Pelican Light" & "The River" on the side of Northwest Air Lease's jet planes  

Most recently, my work of the Slave River Pelicans, titled "Trio" was published in a book by Canadian Geographic - Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos 

2018: I am working on writing a collaborative book  - titled Cruise - written by Thomas and I. A foreword about the series by Thomas follows: 

"There have been many ups and downs, hard times, ruts, and the misfortunes of youthful inexperience. We can all attest to something like that, I am sure. Growing up in the north, whoever you are, comes with its blessings and adversities. A person, especially as they age, must grow and cope with a broad spectrum of things. A certain catharsis must be had, in the least. For us, much of that has included many long days and nights out in the land, driving the back roads, talking about life and existence and narrating with photography and written word.

Karl and I have come to put a major focus on this idea; these experiences, what has happened, our little piece of the grander story of life and coming of age in a place such as this. It has been many things, and we hope you will come along for the ride a while and see the bloom of it for yourself - through our photography, video and most of all through our novel, planned to be released within the next year or two: Cruise"

Last Updated: October 30, 2020