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Karen McKinley

Artist Bio: 

Born in Sudbury, Ontario. Karen McKinley is a veteran journalist who moved to Yellowknife to take a job at Northern News Services as one of their editors. She has found plenty of subjects for her work, from forest fires to the aurora that makes the North famous.

She has always had a passion for photography, starting with her father, Tom, who taught her the fundamentals of the craft. She made a career out of that skill, incorporating it into her journalism jobs, taking photos to include with her stories, winning accolades for the quality of her images, capturing everything from accidents to live concerts.

Away from work her favourite subject is nature and landscape, with a focus on wildlife and weather. She has been much of her free time out in nature, hiking, skiing or kayaking, often with camera in hand, capturing the moment, whether it be battling bison, or a mother merganser gathering up her brood on a rocky shore for the night.

She is gradually creating a separate business outside of her regular job, producing and selling images. She has a large catalogue to choose from, with images from across the country, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the NWT. She also does commissions. Currently she has a digital gallery on Facebook,, Twitter, and a website is in development.


Last Updated: February 20, 2017
North Slave
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