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John Catholique

North Slave
Lutsel k'e
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Artist Story

I’ve been hunting all my life. When I stay at my cabins in the bush, I carve to pass the time. I carve from many different materials – soapstone, any kind of wood, muskox horn, caribou bone and even moose ankles. I make tools for scraping hides and I carve different pictures that I see around me on the land and in my community. I am inspired by what I see and work hard to carve it just right.

I make art that tells stories like the medicine man working on a man sleeping. I also make drummers. The soapstone holds the round drum and it looks real when I make it. I make animals of all kinds even ducks, geese and swans. I like the loon especially. I also make carvings of dog teams, sleds and toboggans. I carve what I see out in nature.

Carving makes it so I am able to kill time. I just look at it and know what it is going to be and then I have to start making it. I am happy when I am almost done.


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We regret to advise readers that John is no longer making art. 

Last Updated: September 30, 2019

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