Jessica McVicker

North Slave
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unit # 601 5310 44th st.
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1K3

Artist Story

I was born in the lush mountain trees of British Columbia. I often dream about living amongst those big trees. The mountains are something I intrinsically miss, but because of them, I thoroughly appreciate and understand the vast sky, desolate and subtle landscape of the Northwest Territories where I now reside. 

Art history is a huge inspiration for me and within art history the ideas behind art are what inspire me more than any specific style. Impressionism’s conveyance of the every day life, Kandinsky’s portrayal of music visually or even Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades” that transformed the scope of what art is. For me I am still looking for the right questions and answers in my art. At the moment colour is playing the pivotal role. 

In 2007 I became dedicated to acrylic paint. While painting over the years I have become a colourist, exploring initially the confines of a limited palette (4 colours including white) and now stretching far beyond just those four to encompass a seemingly limitless colour scheme. 

I am fascinated by how objects are knitted together, how animals/humans/buildings can be visually defined or combined without loosing their integrity. I use diverse colour and shape unified by tone to create my multi-coloured pictures. 

As time goes on I will continue to explore between the boundaries of the real and the unreal and ask my questions of this thing called “art”.

Artist Bio: 

Jessica A. McVicker (JAM) explored many artistic mediums including stone sculpture and print making until finding her love of painting. She has a bachelors in illustration from AUArts (Alberta University of the Arts) and is richly inspired by the landscape of the stark and cold North. She has won awards for her artwork and participated in art exhibitions in Europe and across Canada.

Jessica's work celebrates a grand escape from a past that continues to haunt. In her landscape paintings, she is searching for beauty in the everyday. In her surrealism, she puzzles over the past to find a better future. In all her paintings she tells a story about healing, forgiveness and all the places in-between. 

When & Where

2021 - February - Solo art show at the Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre in Fort Smith.

2020, August - Online Juried show with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

2020, July 2-12 - Toronto Online Art Show (TOAF).

2020, March 3-15 - “Abstracted” Juried show at the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver.

2019, July 12-14 - TOAF (Toronto Outdoor Art Fair) A 3 day juried art fair in Toronto, Ontario.

2019, June 15th - Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre’s 40th birthday event

2019, June 7 - 14th - Solo art show at Northern Images in Yellowknife.

2018, September - ARCC Social Fabric group art show

2018, July - Great Northern Arts Festival

2018, July - Exposition in Verona, Italy

2018 - Juried Show entitled "Go Figure" at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver

2018 - International winner of Fomenar jury prize 2017

2018, March - Part of Fusion Art's 6th Quarterly Group Art Exhibition 

2017 -  Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

2017 - Solo Art Show at NACC (Northern Arts and Cultural Centre) in Yellowknife

2017 -  Solo "Now You See Me" Art show at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC) in Yellowknife

2016 -  Solo Art Show at the Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre in Fort Smith

2016 - Group art show with Yellowknife Heritage Committee in Yellowknife

2016 - 2017 Opened and ran own gallery and studio entitled JAMmed studio in Yellowknife

2015 - Winner of the Northwestel Directory Cover Art Competition for the Northwest Territories

2015 - Art Show at NACC (Northern Arts and Cultural Centre) in Yellowknife

2015 - Artist at the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik

2015 - Solo Art Show at ARCC (Artist Run Community Centre) in Yellowknife

2015 - Solo Art Show at the Snow King Castle in Yellowknife

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