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Jeremy Flatt

North Slave
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(867) 445-9436
301 5112
52nd Street
Yellowknife, NT x1a1t6

Artist Story

I play guitar and write instrumental music that explores the guitar as a solo instrument. I feel my music has a bit of dreamy melancholy about it. It is all kind of abstract and its like each piece represents a thought process or a collection of them, usually connected to something I was really focused on at the time. But the pieces don’t tell stories – they communicate a bundle of emotions in the hope someone else interprets them in the way you meant them to be interpreted.

The truthful boring answer about what inspires me is other music. I will have a burst of creativity after discovering an artist or piece of music I didn’t know about before. It will set off a chain reaction in my head. Recently my inspiration has come from rumba flamenco. It is a way of playing and feeling I have never tried to emulate before. I make music because I can’t help it. The only thing worse than making music is not making music.

Last Updated: December 3, 2018

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