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Janet Pacey

North Slave
(867) 669-7859
23 Forrest Park
23 Forrest Park
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2B4

Artist Story

I think my forte is not only designing, but also promoting. Developing the character and personality of my plush animal, Ptarmi, has been something I have really enjoyed and been passionate about. I love to have created this northern world for him to live in.

I moved to Yellowknife in 1992 and shortly after, began Janet Pacey Design and Illustrations. I really think my edge with graphic design was the fact I could draw. From there I got into painting and crafting.

The goal for me when I am creating art is to make myself laugh.

The arts community in Yellowknife is very tight knit; everyone is open to each other’s ideas and it is like a big family. Other people’s artwork inspires me a lot. The same is true of signage, which led me to open my second business, Signed, in 2012. Now life is just busy; but in a good way because I get to do what I love everyday. 

Artist Bio: 

Janet is a well-known Northern graphic designer and illustrator who brings Northern knowledge and design to her illustrations that are unmatched by other graphic artists. As the sole proprietor of Janet Pacey Design and Illustration, Janet has completed multiple graphic design and illustration contracts for clients including various GNWT Departments, several MLA's and city councilors, YK Co-Op, the Canadian Institute of Theatre Technicians, McGill University, Northern writer Gayla Meredith's famous Canada's Northern Diamonds - From Rocks to Riches book for students, and more. Janet also proudly displays and sells her artwork in Birchwood Gallery and Down to Earth Gallery. Janet attended the Graphic Design program at George Brown College in Toronto, but it was in Yellowknife where she gained the most experience, working as a designer for Inkit, Northern News Services, Artisan Press and Kellett Communications. In 1995 Janet left Yellowknife to work for Adobe Systems Ltd. In Calgary for 18 months as a co-ordinator hiring artists to develop clip art collections. When the company was sold, she returned to the North. Janet has been proud to call Yellowknife her home since 1992. Janet gained invaluable experience in the ten years she spent working with CBC North as Senior Communications Officer. She took on multiple roles such as graphic designer, advertising sales coordinator, promo producer, event planner and live show stage manager. Janet has always been heavily involved in the community of Yellowknife as a volunteer. September 2008 ended 9 years as President of the board of directors for the NWT Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NWT SPCA). Janet now holds a board position with the Graphic Designers Guild of Canada Arctic Chapter and has been a member since its inception in 2004. Over the years Janet has donated design work to numerous non-profit groups and events including the Celebrity Auction, Out North, the Yellowknife Ukrainian Society, the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre as well as a number of amateur theatre groups. In March 2007 the Arctic Winter Games Host Society approached Janet to develop their Foxy Mascot illustrations. From there it blossomed into a fantastic relationship. The city of Yellowknife exploded with Janet's Foxy graphics as she designed all of the Foxy mascot illustrations, pins, venue signs, flags and advertisements to promote the games. She also created the ceremonial torch and cauldron that was lit for the duration of the games. During the games Janet hosted the Pin Trading Centre for CBC North where she taught people the ins and outs of pin trading. Janet Pacey Design and Illustration was established in 1998. The business holds a City of Yellowknife Business Licence and has Approved Northern Status as defined by the Business Incentive Policy (BIP) of the Government of the Northwest Territories. Janet is a Professional member of the Graphic Designers Guild of Canada (MGDC) Arctic Chapter and has recently applied to become a member of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce for 2009.

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

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