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Jane Grossetete

Artist Bio: 

Jane has done a lot to improve the lives of women and the younger generations in Fort Simpson and the whole Deh Cho region. She worked to keep her culture alive by teaching the Dene Zhati Slavey language and demonstrating traditional sewing. She aided in the cultural school events which are now called cultural camp.

Jane has patience with new learners and teaches young ladies to carry on in making traditional items such as mukluks and mitts. Jane is a positive role model and a well respected elder being described as a true Dene lady. She is a storyteller and shares her experience being brought up in the traditional ways. Jane is always willing to share, teach and keep the traditional knowledge alive in any way she can.

Although Jane does not sew anymore, her profile remains in honour of her contributions.

Last Updated: May 7, 2019
Fort Simpson

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