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Artist Story

I came North more than 35 years ago, my head full of book knowledge about northern landscapes and cultures. After experimenting with government jobs for a few years, I hungered for a deeper, experiential knowledge of the land and for ways to share that knowledge with others. And so I struck out on my own as a freelance naturalist and writer.

Over the past two decades, I made a deliberate shift away from highly technical, scientific publications in ecology to more popular works that promote wider appreciation and wise use of nature. I try to harness the magic power of story to translate scientific and cultural concepts or issues into a format that is accessible, entertaining and inspiring to readers of all ages.

Whether writing about bears, birds, snow, rocks, forest fires, climate change, habitat loss, history, or indigenous shamanism, my books promote environmental literacy and empowerment through the element of storytelling. I also love to share these stories first hand to audiences everywhere, which is the best way to educate and inspire people to get involved and promote their own change.

Artist Bio: 

Jamie Bastedo’s work creates a sparkling tapestry of stories drawn from his skills as a biologist, educator, broadcaster, entertainer, and writer. He has authored a dozen fiction and non-fiction books and over 100 articles on a wide range of nature topics including the northern lights, the genesis of diamonds, Arctic climate change, Inuit shamanism, Canadian Shield geology, the wild horses of Sable Island, and the sex life of snow fleas! Jamie’s skills in effectively communicating natural science brought him national honor in 2002 when he won the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion. His outstanding contributions to the conservation and promotion of northern nature also earned him Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Medal. His fiction and non-fiction books celebrate the relationship between people and nature – from the Arctic coast to the Australian desert – and have received both national and international acclaim. Jamie has lived and worked north of 60 for over 30 years.


Bastedo, a writer with a gift for explaining the mysteries of the natural world, clearly loves the land where he lives and the people he finds there. His enthusiasm is infectious. – Up Here

An engaging storyteller who combines the knowledge of a naturalist with the eye of an artist and the curiosity of a child. – Arctic

Interesting and funny, educational and intimate. His easy-to-follow, sweep-you-away style is a delight. – Nature Canada

The author situates himself in the landscape with passion, immediacy and refreshingly sharp powers of observation. – Canadian Geographic

A masterful blend of clever plot, commentary on current social and environmental challenges, and characters as real as the problems they face. – Books in Canada

Explore all of his books at http://www.reddeerpress.com/jamie-bastedo

Last Updated: October 12, 2017

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