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Elizabeth (Betty) Takazo Sr.

(867) 589-4545
Box 90
Deline, NT X0E 0G0

Artist Story

My grandma taught me how to sew when I was a young girl – close to 40 years ago. I’ve been sewing ever since. I grew up in Tulita and Norman Wells and in 1963, my parents moved to Deline. In 1969, I got married and started sewing clothing for my own family. I enjoyed that very much.

I can make anything really, but mostly focus on canvass mukluks, duffles and mitts. I don’t draw my own patterns but enjoy mixing up my beads to make patterns colourful and pretty. My son is a really good artist and I like using his designs to sew with.

I usually use rabbit, muskrat and beaver fur. For me it is important they are soft and easy to sew with as I’m getting bad arthritis in my fingers. I can’t sew for a long period of time anymore! But if I put my sewing down for a couple hours, then I can pick it up again and keep going, so that still makes me happy.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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