Doug Lamalice

South Slave
Kátł’odeeche First Nation
Box 3048
Hay River, NT X0E 1G4

Artist Story

I love the history of the Dene culture and the strength of our people; the way we grow up watching animals and how to read the signs of nature – the sky, the water, the wind, the rain, the bush. When I moved to Ontario we had to make due with just feeding squirrels in backyard because we had no wildlife near our townhouse. Now I’m back home. I’m in my place.

I learned to make art at home, by myself in my room.  I used a small Styrofoam tray for the soapstone from school to carve. Once I started carving, I then started painting. I like to portray what I grew up with – like the loons. I used to watch the loons dancing in the early morning mist. To me it is just beautiful. People don’t know about that stuff; only people who really love nature out in the bush and those who take the time to breathe.

I use everything from the land for materials in my art. Inspiration comes from my children and my mom and dad. What we have to do on this land to survive and what we have on the land to survive with. This is my talent and this is what I need to do. I try to portray that and want people to almost feel the skies in my background. I love that no one else can create what I am thinking and when I leave this world I want people to forever know what my inclination was even if they don’t know it right now.

My works are all over the world; my words are all over the world. I am still in contact with people all over, too, the people who want to know about the land and the area and meet people who have a passion so they have a little understanding.

I also go to schools and help with artwork and go to treatment centre and do tours with inmates. Wherever I can be useful, I try to be.

Last Updated: August 23, 2018

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