Darin Woodbury

North Slave

Artist Story

Music is something I could not live without. To me, it is like water – organically recognizable and as there is no life without water, there is no life for me without music.

I had a love affair with the North about ten years before I moved here in 2008. Artistically, it has been very beneficial. Yellowknife is a mecca for live music. I would describe my music as a folk/rock, jazz and blues type of sound, but I try to find diversity and create something of my own.

Not only do I play my own music about four or five nights a week at local establishment, but I also promote and book other musicians. I think there is more community than competition among musicians here, which is refreshing. Music is probably the most accessible and least identifiable form of art. There is always something out there to listen to.


Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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