Danielle Nokadlak

Artist Bio: 

I am an Inuvialuit beneficiary who has been learning the craft since a young child, now grew into a mix of what my grandparents create. Danny and Annie C Gordon of Aklavik are Elders in the Beaufort Detla, one makes solid tools, the other beautiful handmade clothing. Growing up, and still today people call me Danny-Anne :) 

I have found my niche in the fine jewelry area of craft making. I love taking natural items from the land and creating beautiful works of art that people can actually wear! Taking various bone and forming it in different ways to express myself and my culture thru my art, tell stories and show off the beauty the land holds, the animals hold, and what nature holds up here. 

I have 4 kids, and finding time for crafts is difficult, so my children are starting to learn from me as well from a young age. 

I hope to keep on making crafts that can show not only the love of the land I have, but the importance of nature in the role of life

Last Updated: August 16, 2022
Beaufort Delta
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